A few years back, one of my colleagues and I were discussing areas that we wanted to pour our experience and passions into . During the conversation, I realized that throughout all of my years in media production and marketing, political campaigns had alluded me.

election 2014
Surprisingly enough,our first opportunity came right on the heels of this discovery. We joined the political arena in a mayoral race. The team was already in full stride by the time we came aboard. We hit the ground running placing media buys with existing TV and radio ads. Unfortunately, in spite of our efforts and our candidate’s hard work, we didn’t cross the finish line first.

Recently the opportunity presented itself again. Dr. James Beverly was running for his second term as State Representative. After meeting with Dr. Beverly, it was obvious that he possessed a genuine concern for the city’s growth and well being. He had worked hard over the last two years and had a vision for a new Macon. Being a part of making our city better felt right, so we joined him on the “campaign trail”.

Developing a marketing and media strategy for the Beverly political campaign resembled the procedure we normally follow, but there were some obvious challenges. This election was different in the sense that the primary was in May as opposed to July. Not only were we faced with encouraging people to vote, but we needed them to vote during a time when they were focused on graduations and end of the school year activities.
We met with Dr. Beverly and the campaign staff to determine how best to communicate his platform.

After analyzing his target audience we crafted two commercials that spoke to their needs and concerns as voters. Hands down we knew that we wanted to remain true to ourselves and run a “clean” campaign that communicated the facts, all the while maintaining integrity.

James Beverly for State Representative

James Beverly for State Representative from Hill Street Media on Vimeo.

Numerous media platforms were incorporated into the campaign including, social media, television, radio, transit advertising, direct mail along with others.


Transit Advertising – James Beverly for State Representative

While we held down the fort on our end, Dr. Beverly and the campaign staff were knocking on doors…a lot of doors, rallying voters.

We were working to win and that’s exactly what happened! Dr. Beverly maintained his seat with approximately 60% of the vote.

Congratulations State Representative James Beverly, we’re confident that you will do us proud!

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Change Lanes

The other day was one of those “hit the ground running” type of days.  I was on the road at 6:00am heading to Atlanta. Traffic was flowing rather smoothly until it came to an unexpected crawl.  I was surrounded by traffic, but my lane (the middle lane) was running slower than slow.

As soon as there was a break in the traffic, I hopped in the left lane to go around the truck in front of me and immediately realized that traffic wasn’t that congested at all.  I just needed to change lanes.

Are your advertising and marketing efforts stuck in traffic?  Have they become stale or better yet stagnant?  Maybe you need to change lanes and try a different approach.  If you’ve always used newspaper to promote your business, try television, mobile media or a social media campaign.  You might even want to consider sponsoring a community event.

A simple change in platforms could place you in front of an entirely new audience resulting in new clients and increased profits.


Changing & Growing!

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Where is that snail?

I stepped outside for a moment and as I turned to walk inside, I saw a snail on the sidewalk.  I see snails all of the time, but this one was perfectly formed just like Turbo from the new DreamWorks movie (We’re excited about seeing this one!).  www.turbomovie.com

I was about to grab my camera to take a picture, but got distracted.  After about 15 minutes, I remembered my little friend and hurried outside to snap a few shots.  I was sure it hadn’t gone very far.  But to my surprise, I couldn’t find it anywhere.

This incident reminds me of the advertising efforts of some small businesses.  They aren’t armed with huge marketing budgets but, they consistently place media buys and capitalize on social media.   And then one day, you look for them in that little place that they’ve always been and they’re not there.  They’ve grown, expanded or opened other locations!  All because like the snail, they kept moving and remained steady in communicating who they are and what they offer!

Staying Steady,

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