Where is that snail?

I stepped outside for a moment and as I turned to walk inside, I saw a snail on the sidewalk.  I see snails all of the time, but this one was perfectly formed just like Turbo from the new DreamWorks movie (We’re excited about seeing this one!).  www.turbomovie.com

I was about to grab my camera to take a picture, but got distracted.  After about 15 minutes, I remembered my little friend and hurried outside to snap a few shots.  I was sure it hadn’t gone very far.  But to my surprise, I couldn’t find it anywhere.

This incident reminds me of the advertising efforts of some small businesses.  They aren’t armed with huge marketing budgets but, they consistently place media buys and capitalize on social media.   And then one day, you look for them in that little place that they’ve always been and they’re not there.  They’ve grown, expanded or opened other locations!  All because like the snail, they kept moving and remained steady in communicating who they are and what they offer!

Staying Steady,

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