Change Lanes

The other day was one of those “hit the ground running” type of days.  I was on the road at 6:00am heading to Atlanta. Traffic was flowing rather smoothly until it came to an unexpected crawl.  I was surrounded by traffic, but my lane (the middle lane) was running slower than slow.

As soon as there was a break in the traffic, I hopped in the left lane to go around the truck in front of me and immediately realized that traffic wasn’t that congested at all.  I just needed to change lanes.

Are your advertising and marketing efforts stuck in traffic?  Have they become stale or better yet stagnant?  Maybe you need to change lanes and try a different approach.  If you’ve always used newspaper to promote your business, try television, mobile media or a social media campaign.  You might even want to consider sponsoring a community event.

A simple change in platforms could place you in front of an entirely new audience resulting in new clients and increased profits.


Changing & Growing!

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