Did you see that?

When traveling long distances, we always prefer to fly. But when it’s a relatively short distance we load up the car and hit the road.  I love reading the billboards as we travel…yeah I admit it…I try to read all of them.

Most of the time I chuckle over the cleverness of the ads.  And, at other times I wonder how in the world they expect anyone to read their message without coming to a complete stop.  So to make sure that your billboard doesn’t cause a multiple car accident here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1.   Remember that drivers only have about 6 seconds to read your message.   So, keep it short and to the poPonds clean poresint.  Preferable 6 words or less.

2.  Use contrasting colors.  This will guarantee that your ad stands out and captures the attention of your viewers.

3.  Make sure that the graphics can be easily read. Try to stay away from scripts and fancy fonts.
4. Be creative.  2D is fine but 3D is so much more fun! Check out
the Pond’s billboard.  We love it!


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